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Oral surgery is commonly needed to treat infections, lumps & bumps in the mouth, or as part of preparing the mouth for other work such as implants or dentures.

The most common oral surgery procedure encountered is a tooth extraction. Many people find this the most daunting and stressful of all procedures.

At The Dental Implant Academy we provide a dedicated oral surgery service to make the procedure as painless and stress free as possible.

What Oral Surgery Procedures do we Perform?

  • Simple extractions. Carried out by a dentist experienced in oral surgery is often quicker, less traumatic and allows better healing.

  • Surgical extractions. This may be necessary for teeth broken down to gum level, or wisdom teeth which may be partly covered by gum.

  • Surgical root treatment. Also called apicectomy. Can eliminate infections when conventional root treatment has not been successful.

  • Oral lumps & bumps and Oral cancer screening. Most dentists do not see many lesions. Dentists experienced in oral surgery can help diagnose these and identify and lesions at risk of being oral cancer.

  • Jaw and face pain. In today‚Äôs stressful life, jaw, neck pains and headaches are common. These may be signs of jaw joint dysfunction which can be treated by a dentist.

Oral surgery at The Dental Implant Academy is performed with local anaesthetic or sedation.

The surgeon will see you for a consultation and discuss the most appropriate way to carry out the procedure prior to any treatment being carried out.

Call the team on 01255 470776 and book yourself in for an oral examination.



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