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Lots of patients fear dentistry enough to avoid seeing one! No one likes toothache, yet many will bear it rather than see a dentist. Most dental anxiety is caused by previous bad experiences, especially inadequate pain control.

At The Dental Implant Academy we strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Our specialists will see you for a consultation to decide what treatment you would be comfortable with. Often patients, who are anxious, accumulate a lot of dental problems which need treatment over many visits.

How Sedation Helps

Apart from being a relaxant and sedative, the sedation agents also have a powerful amnesic effect, so patients have no memory of their treatment or visits.

It also allows longer treatment appointments to be carried out comfortably – thus reducing the number of visits.

It is an extremely safe method of treating anxious patients and for this reason the general dental council suggests treatment with sedation rather than a referral for a hospital general anaesthetic when possible.

Sedation is particularly helpful for patients who dislike needles or have a strong gag reflex, as it relaxes the body and makes the introduction of local anaesthetic painless.

Call the team on 01255 470776 for further information or for a consultation.



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