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Dazzling white teeth framed by a beautiful smile can light up your face, giving you the fresh, appealing quality most often associated with health, youth and beauty. This delightful appeal can be yours, even if your teeth have endured years of staining from the use of tobacco, coffee, or tea, through the professional tooth whitening procedures provided at Dental Implant Academy. We offer you safe, effective tooth whitening that is simple, painless and takes very little of your valuable time.

Having teeth professionally whitened is by far the most popular cosmetic dental treatment available, due to the simplicity of the treatment and its ability to effect dramatic, nearly immediate results. At Dental Implant Academy, our cosmetic dentists discuss every aspect of the tooth whitening treatment with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. The expected extent of your teeth whitening is demonstrated through enamel samples of varying degrees of whiteness. We are committed to our patients being well informed and entering all treatments with the most accurate, realistic expectations.

The Tooth Whitening Process

Your tooth whitening treatment can take as little as 45 minutes and normally consists of three separate 15 minute treatments. The process is painless and you may comfortably listen to music, during portions of the treatment. At Dental Implant Academy, we employ state of the art whitening techniques utilizing a hydrogen peroxide oxidized gel that gently bleaches stains from tooth enamel without damaging the enamel’s protective surface. Our dedicated cosmetic dentists will erase years of dingy stains from your teeth and leave you glowing with a gleaming, glamorous smile.

Can my Tooth be Whitened?

The whitening process used at Dental Implant Academy will lighten the enamel on all natural teeth, except in some rare cases where teeth have become discoloured due to use of certain antibiotics. In these situations, your cosmetic dentist will advise you of treatment options that are available which can restore your teeth to a harmonious colour and beauty.

Three factors will determine the extent to which your teeth may be whitened:

• The natural colour of your teeth
• Your age
• The amount of staining on your teeth

Your dentist will provide enamel colour samples that will allow you to see the calculated difference. Some patients experience a whitening effect more than 10 times lighter than their original enamel shade.

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